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 All of our Hot Dog Carts and Food Carts can be fully customized, to meet your wants and needs. If you are looking for a hot dog or other food cart with special features, not already pictured on our website, give us a call and we will work with you to design a cart unique to your vending business!

Looking for a Taco Cart? Many of our standard model hot dog carts also work GREAT FOR TACOS, and tamales too! As always, all of our carts can be customized to meet your menu needs!




           SHAVE ICE STAND                                         STARTER CART
                                                            shave ice or starter cart 
           Starting at $2,895                                       Starting at $3,195






                 CITY CART                                                   SEATTLE CART
                                                            shave ice or starter cart 
          Starting at $3,995                                           Starting at $4,295






             BOOMIN' CART                                            DEEP FRYER CART
                                                            shave ice or starter cart 
         Starting at $5,4595                                         Starting at $5,595






           CALIFORNIA CART                                    OREGON CLASS IV CART
                                                            shave ice or starter cart 
          Starting at $6,295                                         Starting at $7,495






        ULTIMATE TACO CART                                ICE CREAM TRAILER
                                                            shave ice or starter cart 
          Starting at $8,195                                       Starting at $15,595



  • Wee Weenie Hot Dog Cart
    The Wee Weenie is the perfect entry level hot dog cart. Small, easily movable push cart, with a full size steamer and hand-washing sink.
  • Shave Ice Cart
    Shave ice and sno-cones have the biggest profit margin! This cart has interior storage, hand-washing sink, plenty of counter-top space and can built on a towable trailer or as a push cart.
  • Starter Hot Dog Cart
    The Starter Hot Dog Cart offers twice the cooking capacity as the Wee Weenie, while remaining affordable. Built on a towable trailer or as a push cart, this hot dog cart is easily movable.
  • City Hot Dog Cart
    Designed for city streets, this 3 foot by 5 foot hot dog cart is perfect for downtown and business district locations.
  • Seattle Hot Dog Cart
    Specially designed for Seattle, this hot dog cart is 3 feet wide by 5 feet long and comes standard with a refrigerator, dual steamers, and hand-washing sink.
  • Classic Taco Cart
    The Classic Taco Cart has everything you need in the perfect size package. This cart is equipped to turn out good food at a quick pace. Featuring dual steamers, a commercial flat griddle, and on-demand water system, this cart is ready to Rock Your Competition!
  • Deep Fryer Cart
    One of the most versatile carts in our standard model line-up. Double the cooking power with this Fryer Cart!
  • California Hot Dog Cart
    Designed to meet the new requirements for California, this hot dog cart features a large on-board refrigerator, 3 cu ft of dry storage, dual steamers and a hand-washing sink.
  • Oregon Class IV Cart
    The Oregon Class IV Cart can accomodate unlimited menu options, with the on-board ware-washing sink, extra large water tanks, and on-board refrigerator.
  • Ultimate Taco Cart
    While many of our hot dog carts are fully versatile and have the cooking equipment to function as a Taco Cart, this cart has earned its name as the Ultimate Taco Cart!
  • Ice Cream Cart
    Jaw dropping awesomeness! Full custom ice cream cart with under-counter freezer, water system and fabric awning.
  • Sunglass Cart
    The easiest vending cart business to start! All you need is a peddlers license and a Sunglass Cart package, and you're ready for business!



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